Traditional Lasik

Traditional LASIK has been in practice for over 20 years now. The eye surgeon uses a hand-held microkeratome, or small blade, to cut the top layer of the cornea (epithelium), referred to as the corneal flap. The flap is then hinged and set aside to allow for laser treatment.

Initially, the microkeratomes were unsophisticated instruments, which could lead to complications. Today’s modern microkeratomes are much more improved and can cut a flap with great precision and safety.

But while it typically provides very good results, the traditional LASIK eye procedure can cause complications because it is very difficult to ensure an accurate depth and consistent thickness of the corneal flap with the blade technology. This procedure is surgeon dependent and requires extensive training and experience with the use of the microkeratome.

Many patients ask about the benefits and disadvantages between a microkeratome and a Z-LASIK procedure. LASIK surgeons across the world disagree on the subject, but the reality is that different patients may have different flap creation needs. To get a better understanding of your visionary needs, call to schedule a free consultation.

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