Eye Health Examinations

At Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center, eye evaluations not only consist of a vision exam but also includes a complete eye health evaluation. Our professional optometrists will perform these eye health examinations using advanced instruments and techniques. Regularly scheduled eye exams help the physicians track other health issues as well, and sometimes lead to the diagnosis of disease within the body.

Complete eye health examinations for Lasik Montgomery AL & Eye Care Center include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussion of medical history
  • Measurement of Visual Acuity
  • Pupil Dilation
  • Intraocular Pressure
  • Visual Field testing
  • Ocular Photography
  • Color testing
  • Foreign Body removal
  • Eye Infections/ Allergies
  • Treatment of Eye Disease
  • Glaucoma Evaluations
  • Cataract Evaluations

We believe that a yearly eye exam is one of the keys to staying healthy!

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