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What Clients say About Us!

"The staff at Montgomery Lasik and Eye Care Center make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door and answer any questions you have about your decision to have Lasik Surgery. Prior to my procedure, I had problems with my distant vision. At my first follow up appointment, only 24 hours after my surgery, not only was I not sporting my glasses or contacts, but my vision had improved to 20/15 which is better than average vision. Hard to believe that my whole procedure took only 17 seconds per eye. If you want professional service with a caring attitude, I can whole heartedly recommend Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center."

Leanne, Be Funky

"After wearing contacts for 35 years virtually every day of my life, I knew it was time for something better regarding my vision. I had tried almost every contact lens on the market, and was still struggling to see things clearly without frequent headaches. Because my vision was -9.5 combined with an astigmatism in each eye, I scheduled a consultation with Montgomery LASIK and Eye Care Center to see if LASIK eye surgery would be a viable option. After several thorough tests, Dr. Mull determined I was a good candidate for the Custom Z LASIK procedure. The staff and doctors were absolutely first class in every way- they were so positive, attentive, and caring, and made me comfortable from my first visit to the actual surgery, and on every subsequent follow up visit post surgery. I would highly recommend Montgomery LASIK and Eye Care to anyone considering LASIK eye surgery. What a wonderful experience- it has truly changed my life!"

Tiffani Thompson, Director of Development @Prattville Christian Academy

"After saying ‘goodbye’ to my $200 pair of glasses to the ocean last year… and now with summer approaching.. the thought of swimming or going to the beach without the need for glasses or lenses was all I needed to get the procedure done. It is now, so affordable, and the folks at Montgomery Lasik were friendly AND answered every question I had. My only regret….. not having Lasik earlier!"

Lisa McGovern, Montgomery, AL

Know Everything about Z-Lasik Procedure and Its Benefits
People, who experience vision problems, can now enjoy a much safer, faster and precise Lasik surgery. The Lasik surgery is a laser eye care treatment, which is performed for correcting the vision issues. Millions of people experience issues like far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism. They require the support of a well experienced eye surgeon, who can perform the best eye surgery without using any sort of blade. The Lasik Montgomery AL eye care center provides support of the best eye surgeons in the Alabama state. The aim of Lasik surgery is raising a flap of tissues around the cornea of the eye and reshaping it to improve the eyesight of the patient.
The Lasik surgery is the best treatment for you, if you are short-sighted, long-sighted or if you are experiencing astigmatism issue. The Montgomery Lasik surgery center is probably the best place to treat eyesight related problems. It is famous for the vision care treatment and that’s why hundreds of patients visit here to improve their eyesight.
How do they perform the Z-Lasik procedure?
The Z-Lasik procedure is performed in four steps. Those steps are explained below.
Preoperative examination of eyes:
The eye surgeons at the Montgomery eye care center perform several tests to confirm that your eyes will be safe during the laser vision correction procedure. They use electronic equipment to measure your eyes in detail. The eye surgeons survey thousands of data points and produce a 3D image of your eye. The computer analyzes the image of your eye and then offers a reliable treatment to improve the refractive error in your eyes.
The flap correction:
It is an important part of the Z-Lasik procedure. The physician would provide you with anesthetic eye drops a few minutes before the treatment. Now, the surgeon will place a speculum inside the eyes to keep the eyelids open. The patients may blink during the treatment and that’s why Montgomery Lasik surgery experts apply this method to prevent blinking. Now your eyes will get ready for the laser correction and produce a corneal flap.
The Corneal correction:
The eye surgeon reshapes the curvature of cornea to get the required refraction. An Excimer laser is used for cutting the corneal tissue. It performs the ablation work within a few seconds and very accurately. This whole process takes place within the cornea and the laser doesn’t touch the outer layer of the cornea. Once, the procedure is completed, the recovery process is started by the flap that occurs immediately after the procedure. This step will get completed within a few minutes and then you can use your eyes normally.
The aftercare:
The Z-Lasik procedure does not require a long-term surgical procedure, but aftercare is very important. You should use the contact lenses at-least for one day to protect your eyes. The surgeons at Montgomery Eye Care Center will provide you high-quality eye drops to speed up the healing process. The eye surgeons suggest patients to not to rub their eyes after a few hours of Z-Lasik procedure. The surgeons also suggest patients to not to swim, play contact sports and other activities in which their eyes may get damaged.
The benefits of Z-Lasik:
The eye surgeons used to apply various surgical procedures to treat the eyesight related problems of the patients. Some treatment procedures were quite painful. The Z-Lasik procedure is fairly different from other conventional methods. It is the most trusted eye care procedure and the most accurate method of the eye surgery. The Montgomery dry eyes care facility assures patients about curing a wide range of vision imperfections by using the Z-Lasik treatment. Patients choose the Z-Lasik surgery for:
Customized vision correction:
The vision correction is performed by examining the vision imperfection. The eye surgeons take measurement 25-times better than other methods and produce a virtual image of the eye to perform an accurate treatment.

Painless treatment:
Thousands of people are choosing Z-Lasik procedure to improve their eyesight because it is a painless and blade-free procedure. The whole treatment is performed by the laser and recovery process starts immediately after the completion of Z-Lasik procedure.

Quick and impressive results:
Suppose, you choose Z-Lasik procedure to treat the vision related problem, you will get 100% correction in your vision. You will not further experience nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. The Z-Lasik procedure provides quicker and more effective cure than conventional Lasik treatment.

Quick recovery:
Some individuals may presume that the recovery time after Z-Lasik procedure would be quite long, but that is not true. Z-Lasik is fairly a better eyesight improvement treatment because the recovery time after the surgical procedure would be quite short. You will need to take rest only for one or two days and then you can normally operate your eyes. The initial vision may blur or fluctuate a little. It will get corrected automatically within a week.
People do not want to face troubles in reading, walking and driving due to poor eyesight. Using contact lenses and glasses may also be quite a difficult task for some people. Z-Lasik would be the best eyesight improving method for them. You can get this treatment in Montgomery, Alabama, and fix the eyesight problem for the whole life.
Why should you choose Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center for Z-Lasik?
The Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center provides the support of the best Optometrist Montgomery AL. It is considered as the most trusted place for taking the Z-Lasik procedure. Montgomery’s best physicians provide their services to cure the issues related to eyesight. Physicians like Dr. Michael B. Mull, Dr. Stewart Shofner and Dr. Lisa B. Daniel perform the Z-Lasik procedure to treat the eyesight related issues. These are Montgomery’s native physicians, who will be available for you anytime you want to take the surgery. You can get the appointment online and then visit Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center for the treatment.
The Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center has provided all the details regarding both surgical and non-surgical eye-care procedures online. You should check those details to know what is better for you and how you should take care of your eyes.